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Short Stories: Little Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm

Alternatively, use bombs (explosive and poisonous) and signs (all of them work against the humans) to pick off the human enemies away from the werewolf. Once all of them are dead, switching to the silver sword against Little Red will lead to a standard 6-on-6 duel (experience with fighting these creatures should have been acquired during the sub-quest Wild at Heart and the main quest The Whispering Hillock ). Provided players avoid being surrounded by both humans and the monster, the battle should not prove difficult if it is undertaken around the recommended character level.

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Waterford-based Children's Theatre Company - Little Red

The aggressive and active male is preying on passive heroine and her granny. He is in the end defeated by another aggressive and active male. Case closed.

The girl promised but soon forgot about her mother's warning. After a while, she met a wolf in the wood. He asked her where she was going and she told him about her granny's bad health and where she lives.

Little Red Riding Hood raised her eyes, and when she saw the sunbeams dancing here and there through the trees, and pretty flowers growing everywhere, she thought: 'Suppose I take grandmother a fresh nosegay that would please her too. It is so early in the day that I shall still get there in good time.'

'Do I find you here, you old sinner!' said he. 'I have long sought you!' But just as he was going to fire at him, it occurred to him that the wolf might have devoured the grandmother, and that she might still be saved, so he did not fire, but took a pair of scissors, and began to cut open the stomach of the sleeping wolf.

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'I will take great care,' said Little Red Riding Hood to her mother, and gave her hand on it.

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only so-so. I would like it if you could see the snarky behavior of the wolf, perhaps by adding length. I am moderately disapointed for the children who get this read to them, as no personality can be found in the characters to connect them to the plot