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Download Plagiarism Checker X - free - latest version

Plagiarism Checker X is a simple tool for students, teachers, content creators, SEO experts and website owners to check whether their work has been copied by others. According to the developer, it counts institutions such as the University of Ohio, Umass Boston, and Trinity College Dublin amongst its customers.

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When I came back to check a few days later, the report was still showing &lsquo 88%&rsquo and at this point I realised that 88% was its plagiarism score and had nothing do with the processing of the document. I had wrongly assumed that, for $55, a human would also carry out a number of checks however, this was my mistake – when checking the FAQ section it was confirmed that $55 is the cost for an entirely automated plagiarism search.

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Like many of the &ldquo professional&rdquo checkers which charge a fee, iThenticate&rsquo s website goes to great lengths to explain why you should purchase their scanner. &ldquo 79 million webpages, 87 million pages of scholarly content items and 95+ million news pages, magazines and books&rdquo sounds great – except it failed to detect plagiarism 55% of the time in our tests.

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The developer claims that Plagiarism Checker X is safer than other similar solutions that store your data on a server first and then perform a scan. Plagiarism Checker doesn’t actually store any of your data – it simply processes it and compares it with any possible matches.
A useful tool to check for plagiarism

It cuts your text up into portions of just three words. It then Googles those three words. It checks for direct results. If there are direct results, then it considers that section to be plagiarized, and it cuts up that phrase and checks it with the words before and after the phrase. If it gets another plagiarism hit, then it shows you the result on your plagiarism report.

makes it as easy as pasting your text into the search bar, or even uploading the whole file in a txt, doc or docx format.

You do get a plagiarism report with this free version of the Plagiarism Checker X tool, but if you want the full HTML plagiarism report, you will have to buy the full version of this tool.

We simply pasted some raw text, chose our search engine, deselected the exact search feature to catch edits and typos, and clicked Check Duplicates. After some thinking, Desktop Plagiarism Checker returned three matches, exactly where we'd expected to find them. Satisfied, we turned the tool loose on some other documents with similar results.

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