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13 Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business a Success

They have learned to apply the law of success by visualizing success, by cultivating optimism , and by developing mental toughness.

The Seven Lost Secrets Of Success - Brad Yates

Warren and I know better than most people what we know and what we don’t know. That’s even better than having a lot of extra IQ points.

Law of Success, The Untold Secrets

After a weekend of being in the overload soup, I remembered!!!! Once again I am feeling victimized by my own nervous system. What crap!  Literally (laughing out loud with colitis well that 8767 s more information that you need on this blog).

This is why the imagination and visualization is so important. Your imagination gives you the ability to pre-play your future your ability to visualize may be the greatest gift you possess. Are you using it? Its visualization that allows you to conceive the possibility of a better life it is through visualization that the gift of financial success is conceived.

All of my adult life I have wanted a stable center that I can count on. The older I have gotten, the more important it has become. I am a strong personality, but also a very intuitive and sensitive person. I often have felt in the past that I lived on the top of the sea where the waves collided and crashed, and my life in a small boat was mostly reactive. I have asked many years for a way to become my own stable base to be anchored into the still waters of the deep.

8775 There 8767 s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn 8767 t tell you about it? 8776 ~ Kin Hubbard

Last night I remembered a beautiful moment in my life when that fullness of being, that connection with Life happened and it was magical.  I was 76 or so, attending a Sid Simon workshop on Values Clarification (which was really a personal growth workshop but for me, it was spiritual). We continually affirmed each other.  We were constantly in pairs, looking into each other 8767 s eyes for 7 minutes, answering the question that Sid asked us to speak about, and then with loving humor, we would feed back to that person something we absolutely adored about them (just from that 7 minute interaction).  It was profound for the woman I was who was so starved for positive feedback.

My success with my health gives me much confidence that I can begin to build a stable center inside of good feeling thoughts, so that I can tune into well-being and happiness.

But if you can see it , if you can see your success, if you can see it when you lay your head down to rest, if it surrounds you in your imagination, if you can sense it in the atmosphere, then it is only a matter of time before the un-manifest becomes manifest.

If you can see it, if you can see it when you close your eyes, if you can believe that vision as so , then you will gain the experience, you will make the impact, and your vision will cease to be a vision, it will become your reality.